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Snakes spend the winter in hibernation, and come out to feed and breed in the spring, slowing down again in the heat of high summer. They are frightened of people and will only attack in self defense. Most snakes in Cyprus are non-venomous, and only one of these venomous snakes; the blunt-nosed viper, can be dangerous to man. The other two venomous snakes of the island are the slender cat snake and the Montpellier snake, but their bites are only fatal to small animals such as mice, birds and lizards.

Our trained and committed snake control team will give your home and office a comprehensive examination, ensuring the complete removal of all spider activity for an unbelievably low fee. Our pest controllers are completely vetted and insured so that they can deal with any type of spider infestation, and they use the most up-to-date methods while they do so! Call to request a free quote today and find out how little you’ll spend for quality spider extermination in Paphos.

The Benefits of Hiring Panic Pest Control
Snakes love cool, dark places – in no time at all they can become an irritant or potentially dangerous. Protect your home from these unwanted guests by using Panic Pest Company, and take advantage of the many benefits we offer.

- We are flexible and can arrange an appointment at your convenience, no matter if you prefer weekdays or weekends, morning or evenings – even if it’s at short notice!
- We are fully qualified and are licensed by the Cyprus Heath Authority

Expert snake prevention advice
We will investigate your home and gardens to see which varieties of snake are plaguing you and how severe the infestation is. In addition, we will ensure that every crack and breeding ground is treated to prevent any further snakes from emerging.
Range of customisable, targeted treatments
Using top of the range solutions which are designed for long term elimination, our spider exterminators will check all points of entry, both internal and external.
Expert prevention advice – Our snake pest control teams will offer you advise you on the deterrence of future infestations and provide you with follow up visits to ensure complete eradication.

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